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I have created a jewelry line based on the hidden mystery and beauty of things we see in our ordinary life. The mystery of eyes is the theme of the current line. In ancient Greece, figures and jewelry of eyes were used to ward off malevolent and evil spirits, a practice that continues today. Combining my own fascination of eyes and tradition of world culture and history using this symbol, my first collection was born.


All of Yukari’s pieces have meaning and idea inside of them. In collaboration with you, Yukari will develop a concept for a completely personal design. Who are you? What would your symbols be? It is a creative and surprising experience to have custom pieces made for you.

彼女の作品一つ一つには、深い意味があります。For you では、あなたとコラボレーションする事にあたって、あなた自身のデザイン、アイディアを元に、創作致します。アイディアの根元は、あなたとは、誰か?あなたのシンボルとは何か?それらを元にして、あなた自身の世界に一つだけの作品を創作致します。

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